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3rd Place Winner!!!



Okay, so I come out of hiatus/death and decide to post a fic for the fma_fic_contest peeps, cause they're cool and familiar and a great way to sort of 'get back in the game'. Then, as life would have it, my laptop stops talking to my internet. Whatever, I'll call some people, get it resolved, gratefully reply to anyone who's left a comment on my post. Imagine my suprise when I check in to see I'VE ACTUALLY WON A CONTEST OMG FIRST TIME EVER WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTT

My happiness level is off the wall. Totally grateful to everyone who voted :D

FMA fic contest WINNER, prompt 199 Ribbon

Title: Let’s Pretend It’s Christmas Morning
Author: chobot_so_hot
Series: Anime

Word Count: 194
Rating: G
Characters: Alphonse
Summary: Alphonse is a naughty, eager boy
Warnings: Trisha's alive!

Alphonse finds it sitting innocently enough...Collapse )


I've been thinking...

So I've been thinking that I should actually start using livejournal for more than fanfiction and the occasional writer's block post. I'm heading in a sort of blog direction, which is completely new for me. I'll start somewhere safe- movies. I'm going to rant about every movie I've seen...

Oh dear.

Writer's Block: For Here or To Go

What's your favorite fast food restaurant, and what's your favorite thing to eat there?

Writer's Block: Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Rockin' my clover NY Rangers boxer shorts and my green Boston hoodie. Rangers vs. Avalanche game at 7, then perhaps a movie and popcorn? I shouldn't with my cold, and yet... I feel an itch to watch Boondock Saints. Ah, marry me Connor MacManus, with your sexy Irish accent <3 (or Mr. Sean Patrick Flanery, I'm not picky)

Happy Saints Patricks Day to all! 

Especially my dearest cousin, who's birthday happens to be today (how lucky she is... haha~)
How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

Writer's Block: Say What?

So, this guy that I know so-so well (as in he's a friend of my friend sort of deal) asked me:

"How much would you charge for someone to squeeze your boobs?"

To which I replied:

"One breast or both?
Is there a five second rule?
How hard is this guy squeezing?
Do I know him?
Is he good looking?"

Yeah...anyways, I ended up saying a fair 20$. Then he began a survey with every other female in the room and things...got out of hand. I'll let you know that my price was about average (one girl said 1$, another said 100$). The other guys in the room were...quiet? Speculating? Judging? 

What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

Writer's Block: Grammy Awards

Be our guest,
Be our guest,
Put our service to the test~

-Beauty & The Beast

Sing it Lumieré <3
What song is stuck in your head?

Writer's Block: Vision Test

Hell no! At least not reciprocal love at first sight. I know (through personal experience, so sad) that one sided love at first sight is more common, but none of that cheesy chic flick drop whatever you're holding (typically something that shatters or draws everyones attention to you) and run in slow motion to each other with arms thrown wide. Plus, how is it really love at first sight? I just can't understand living that deep in the 'now'. I mean, what happens five years from now when you're STILL arguing over petty things as every couple does? Or are people who fall in love this way immune from relationship problems? Hmm...

Yeah, I'm calling it. LIES! 
You're welcome to make up your own damn opinion about it, though. 

Do I even want to lie to myself and believe it? Kind of- those cliches always look so magical. 
Do you believe in love at first sight?

Writer's Block: Hand me a tissue, please.

A few hours ago, actually. My dog isn't doing very well health wise, and he might not be getting any better. 10 years together, he was there for me... Great- I've got the sniffles. 
When was the last time you cried?